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Shrimp Season Underway

Posted by Darle Booher on May 5, 2014
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Every year the shrimp season closes in our local waterways to allow the shrimp to spawn. Few would doubt that the local delicacy is high on everyone’s favorite list. So, it is no surprise that there is cause for celebration when the shrimp season reopens.

Last Thursday, the season opened for off shore trawling which means three miles out. It is expected to be another month before the more productive near shore waters are opened.

Shrimpers have had a difficult time with high fuel prices and reduced supplies of shrimp. They are hoping for a good season but won’t know more until the waters are checked by DNR biologists. The cooler waters this winter may be a factor. Waiting a bit longer for shrimp would be well worth it if it insured an abundant catch.

Are the locals correct that this is the best shrimp in the world? Guess you will just have to come and find out for yourself…

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