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So Much to Do…

Posted by Darle Booher on January 25, 2017
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So little time. Isn’t that how the expression goes? Whether that phrase has been descriptive of your life or not, it will definitely have new meaning when you relocate or are planning to relocate to the Hilton Head area.

I was first reminded of this when my children visited back to back weeks during their spring breaks. It is amazing how quickly a week goes by. They always make plans like, we are going to visit Charleston this time, or let’s go paddle boarding – after we spend some time at the beach. Maybe we should try a new restaurant, go shopping, or spend some time with friends who live nearby.

Of course, some of these ventures were completed, but they always leave here wishing they could have more time to do more things. When Bob and I were coming here for short visits before we became full time residents, no matter whether we had 4 days or a week, we always left with a list of things we would like to do. Honestly, it is one of the major reasons we chose this area.

Have you ever gone on vacation when you started thinking about getting back home and all that would be waiting for you when you arrived? For us, we found our trip home from Hilton Head was spent planning for our next visit. We would make lists of activities, restaurants, people we wanted to see, shopping not done, excursions we wanted to do, and most importantly, learning more and more about the area and what made it work for us. I guess you could say, we began to imagine ourselves living here and being fully enriched by the lifestyle offered.

We have now been here full time since 1992, more than 23 years. Prior to making the move, we had increased our visits to a dozen times a year – clearly a bit crazy to us and all those around us. The mental move was definitely done long before the physical one. Now, it is hard to imagine we even hesitated. We considered a lot of other locations, but in the finals analysis, we made a great decision in choosing the Lowcountry.

Our life is very full here. We have fantastic friends, enjoy living in Colleton River, entertain lots of family and friends at our home, chose from many amazing restaurants, play a little golf, attend plays and music events, and enjoy incredible scenery every day. I have my work in real estate which has been fun, challenging, and has introduced me to some amazing people. While I have never figured out quite how, I manage to get the best clients! Similarly, my work with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra has enriched our lives enormously and lead us to many new friends.

Bob enjoys being docent at our historic Church of the Cross in Bluffton, attending World Affairs Council, belonging to the Colleton Scotch Society, and spending time with good friends and family when he is not working on his Ohio business. He attends all of the musical events and pitches in as needed. It has never been an issue of what will we do with our time, but rather how can we fit everything into our schedule.

I share this with you because I know many of you have concerns about fitting in, what retirement may bring, or how you will fill your time. Please be assured, there is truly so much to do and so little time.

Hope to see you soon!

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