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Sea Pines Metamorphosis

Posted by Darle Booher on May 5, 2014
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Realtors were recently invited for a briefing on the new facilities at the Sea Pines Resort. It is a very exciting time for those of us who love Hilton Head. We are glad to see that a bit of history has been included in the new structures.

The Plantation Club facilities are nearing completion and include dining, conference area, and a new pro shop and learning center with all the latest equipment. Parking expansion is still underway but hopefully will be done before the official beginning of the summer season. The club is beautifully designed and decorated. The use of reclaimed white oak flooring and beams, and a fireplace, featuring bricks from the previous club, add to the ambiance. These bricks were reclaimed from a warehouse in Savannah for the initial construction many years ago – an excellent continuance from old to new.

The Beach Club is moving forward in full steam. Crews have been granted permission to work through the weekends and some are now working at night. There is a tremendous energy to get it done as quickly as possible so residents and visitors can enjoy it this summer.

If you have been living in or visiting Sea Pines over the years, you will appreciate that the outdoor bar area and restaurant have been built into a new and better design. The shop has been substantially increased in size and will be able to offer more merchandise than before. With the increased elevations of the building, the vistas will be more dynamic than ever. The addition of a second floor offers fantastic event space, including its own bar. It has been designed with a window wall that opens completely to integrate the inside and out on those perfect weather days offering remarkable views to the beach and Atlantic Ocean.

Prior to this year’s Heritage golf tournament, the dredging of Harbour Town Yacht Basin and South Beach Marina was completed. The return of the massive yachts to the harbor were a welcome sight and added much to the Heritage week experience.

Work is in process to remove the Harbour Town Golf Clubhouse. The new clubhouse will be completed before next year’s RBC Heritage. The owners want to develop a structure that will provide a quality experience and setting to equal that of the tournament and Sea Pines Resort. Much of the art collection will be presented in a gallery in the new building. The portraits of the previous winners will offer a trip down memory lane for those who have followed the event since its inception in 1969 when the first winner was the legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer. The second year, another legend, Jack Nicklaus was wearing the plaid jacket, too. A great start for the new tournament!

The clubhouse plan includes a restaurant and bar overlooking the course, similar to the current location. The pro shop will be enlarged and PGA compliant locker rooms will be located on the second floor. During the year, golfers will also be able to enjoy the facilities – maybe pretending to be pros themselves for a day. Sounds like fun!

While there are more amenity improvements and additions on the horizon, $55,000,000 is being invested in these projects that are being done to enhance the experience of resort guest and residents, not merely for financial return. We are fortunate to have Sea Pines Resort owners who have owned property and enjoyed spending time here for 30 plus years. Clearly, they consider our island a spectacular place and worthy of making it better and better.

While we have lost both Charles and Joe Fraser, founders of Sea Pines, their legacy continues. The family members who were asked how they felt about the changes said the brothers would be very pleased.

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