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Community Spotlight: Belfair

Posted by Darle Booher on January 5, 2017
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Today’s Bluffton real estate spotlight is on the community of Belfair.

My Favorite Things about Belfair…

I have asked two good friends to assist me with this article. They are Sarah Bergin, a 15 year resident and Bill Thorpe, past president of the board and also an 8 year resident. I hope you enjoy gaining some insight into the lifestyle offered at Belfair from their viewpoints.

Bill: “There are two major things about Belfair that make living here a pleasure. First it is a very caring community and secondly it is fiscally solvent.” Belfair has a big advantage in these two areas.

“Most people know virtually everyone here by their first name as well as their stories.” This creates a special relationship. We help each other when needed, take care of each other’s homes while away, and mostly enjoy being neighborly.

“Golf groups are inclusive and generally more friendship oriented than competitive.” Fitness groups are well attended with advice readily available, some from a medical point of view and some from personal experience. No matter the source or the cause, the interaction is always relationship building.

“Our club is always busy with a variety of well attended social activities, both informal and more formal.” This keeps us busy and well in touch with friends and acquaintances.

The location near Belfair Village is convenient for groceries and other daily needs. It is also a very short distance to Old Town Bluffton, with lots of activities and a wide range of dining.

“Our dues are relatively low, perceived (by many) as a good deal. We have never had nor do we anticipate an assessment for any project. We are very happy in Belfair. Best place I ever lived!”

Sarah: “Belfair is considered one of the friendliest member-owned communities in the Lowcountry. Very early in its history, Belfair established a Women’s Connection organization that invited all new members to come and be introduced to their neighbors and to all the clubs Belfair has to offer.” This group continues today with more than 100 women attending each month.

“There are over 25 clubs meeting on a weekly or monthly basis.” The golf program provides games for players from single digit handicaps to beginning nine-hole golfers. Tennis clinics, social games, and team play including interclub and USTA are available for all levels. Daily club activities include bridge, canasta and mah-jongg, providing a number of non-golf options to the members.

Belfair is “rich in social events including gourmet dinners, a wine club, special holiday events for extended families, and casual dining in the new Pub Room, complete with TV and newly designed bar.” This is a great gathering space.

“Friendships are made easily and last a lifetime. Honestly, it has something for everyone!”

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